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joi, 21 iunie 2012

YSL without the "Y"?!

Yves Saint Laurent. No, scratch that. Saint Laurent from 2013 on. I guess Hedi Slimane desperately wants to make changes at YSL, now that he's the creative director. So it will be just SL. Hmm, SL fom Saint Laurent or for SLimane? That's what I was thinking too. But, question is, is this for the better? Because, in my humble opinion, the YSL logo is one of the most iconic ones. I used to be a big fan of Hedi Slimane, but this change is one that just doesn't get my vote. I believe he's doing this for himself and not for the company, like he says.

On the bright side, imagine how much will the vintage YSL stuff cost. Lucky those who plan on selling them in the future! 

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