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marți, 22 ianuarie 2013

Hedi Slimane's First Menswear Collection for SAINT LAURENT

I guess, since Givenchy isn't having a collection this season, the Saint Laurent (I admit it, I'm still crying for the "Yves") menswear collection was the most anticipated show during Paris Fashion Week. 

It was Hedi Slimane's first menswear collection since he took the reigns of Saint Laurent and, although I was expecting something bigger, a bit more shocking (remember his collections on the late nineties for YSL? Oh, sweet memories), I loved it this way too. 

Ok, moving past that resemblance, I'd say that this collection was quintessentially Hedi Slimane and oh-so-rock'n'roll. It was like having him walking the catwalk. From the leather jackets to the skinny ripped balmain-ish jeans and leather pants, to the cropped jackets, checkers shirts and classic coats, everything seemed so great, but, at the same time, so very un-Yves Saint Laurent. 

These clothes are for those skinny, carefree & rockish band (and bad) boys that we very much admire. The hair, the outfits, the swagger! I'm guessing this is what he was reffering to when he changed the name of the brand. This collection would never work with the elegant "Yves".

All in all, I'm a sucker for this collection (although not much a Slimane fan anymore), but I'm sure Yves (the man) is rolling in his grave after having it (funny how he thought Tom Ford ruined his brand).

Here are all the outfits, enjoy them and feel free to express your opinions on it!

And here's a photo of Hedi at the end of the show, so you can see the uncanny resemblance:

Photos: British Vogue

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