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luni, 23 septembrie 2013

Best Dresses at the 2013 Emmys

I have to say I am very excited about this post, because it has been a while since I have seen so many gorgeous dresses at an awards ceremony. And since I could not decide which gowns I like more, I figured a "Top 10" would not suffice, so I made a selection based on colors or prints. 

This kind of top is new for me, so I hope most of you like it. For details on the actresses and the designers they wore go to the blog's Facebook page, where I updated every outfit as soon as the celebrities hit the red carpet. Oh, and for better quality photos, just click on the photo. 

Enjoy and have a great week!

Photos: popsugar.com

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Mihaela Pojogu spunea...

beautiful dresse, I love the black and white dress, the last two red dresses especially!
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michelle spunea...

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